8 SEO Tips and Interview with Katherine Anderson from Sirocco Web Design

Search Engine Optimisation tips and resources to help you, from the expert experience of Katherine Anderson - Sirocco Web Design.
Katherine Anderson After completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in video film and sound, Katherine Anderson jumped right into building her Video Production and Marketing agency.

Living her mantra of "KEEP moving forward. Keep going. Keep pushing. Keep trying." Katherine saw the 'writing on the browser wall' and began to shift focus to Websites.

Read Katherine's 8 Search Engine Optimization Tips and learn how to be successful with SEO.

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Why is SEO Important?

Google and the W3C provides a set of best practice guidelines and checklists for Webmasters to help search engines find, crawl and index websites. SEO is following these guidelines to create overall improvements in usability, relevancy and keyword targeting for your website.

SEO improvements to a site create better rankings and a more positive user experience for customers, leading to increased awareness, interest, consideration, purchase and loyalty. Designing your website around specific keywords will effect how you attract your target customers, gain increased traffic, obtain more conversions and retain clients.

How to SEO a Website

Use a proven SEO Strategy, implemented step-by-step for optimal results and success. Alternatively, pick and choose the SEO services your site requires and budget your Online Marketing spend.

1. Keyword Research

Research, analyse and generate a list of Keywords to implement on your website, helping attract the right customers, traffic and conversions.

How to do Keyword Research

What SEO Keywords and Phrases you should use?

2. Advanced Website Ranking

Get a detailed insight into how your site is currently performing in Search Engines and track keyword growth as SEO strategies are implemented.

How do you get on Page 1 of Google?

3. Full Website Analysis

Perform a full Website Analysis, checking 220 points of W3C Compliance and Google Webmaster Standards so you know exactly what is under-the-hood of your site.

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Compliance

Google Webmaster Guidelines

4. Organic Website SEO

Optimise your site page-by-page (using the Website Analysis Report) to improve the relevancy, quality and uniqueness of your site to target your customers and improve your rankings.

Use the Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors to SEO your site inside and out (Click)

Use SEO Tips from the Google Starter Guide

5. Local SEO Optimisation

Get top rankings for local searches using Google+ Local, online networks and directories to create a local customer base.

See the Power of Local Searches

Google+ Local in Action

6. SEO Monitoring

Improve your sites popularity, search listings, networking and overall business branding online while monitoring your rankings and site analytics.

Use Google Analytics to Monitor your Online Marketing and Branding

7. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Saturate your target market with relevant, personalised and affordable Ads using Google Adwords.

Why use Adwords Campaigns?

What makes the most successful Ad Campaigns happen?

Setup a Google Adwords Account for your Business

8. SMO (Social Media Optimisation)

Build an online community, improve your customer service and engage your followers with optimised social media pages using Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Google+ Success Stories

Building Essential Connections with Facebook

Twitter Success Stories

LinkedIn Insights

YouTube Case Studies

Need more assistance with your Business Catalyst site SEO?
Contact Katherine directly at info@businesscatalsytseo.com.au and Sirocco Web Design

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