BC User Group Update and The Social Media Conversation - Why You Should Have It Today

Listen as Julio de Puigdorfila updates us on Adobe's first official Business Catalyst User Group and share's special insights you need to know for your Business' Social Media Strategy and "The Social Media Conversation" your business needs to have.

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The Social Media Conversation: Why You Should Have It Today

Brand Awareness. Customer Loyalty. Increased Sales. These can be results of a good Social Media strategy.

That’s obvious, right?

Many businesses today still minimize the importance of social networks and consider them to be ineffective or too time consuming. This attitude is a reality that we run into frequently. When the conversation turns to Social Media, many clients tend to dismiss it. Even the more proactive businesses are typically content occasionally posting comments without thinking about their long-term business goals. This way of thinking makes it very challenging to get a client to invest time talking about creating a full Social Media strategy.   

We should all write a “Thank You” note and address it to Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook has given us a real opportunity. On March 30th all company brand Facebook pages were automatically migrated to the new Timeline format. Businesses were forced to change, and are now looking for help. Many web agencies may look at uploading a Facebook Cover Image as a small and inconvenient project, but we’ve decided to look at these requests as a path to something bigger. Businesses are opening their doors to us for something small, and we’re taking this invitation as an opportunity to have the “Social Media Strategy Conversation”.

Explain WHY Social Media is so important.

We approach this conversation by talking less about the technology, and more about business.

Among the many reasons to invest time and resources into Social Media, there are few we’ve found that business owners really respond to:

1)   Your clients and prospects are already there (845+ million Facebook accounts)
1 account for every 7 people on earth… that’s a lot.
Almost half of Facebook users are logged into their accounts at any given time.
The average user spends an average 23 minutes per visit.
2)   You can track customer activity
Facebook’s Insights: Demographics on who visits a page and how they engage.
SM Dashboards: Help manage and track page traffic and post interaction.
New tracking tools being created by big players (Google, Adobe, etc.)
3)   You can measure Return On Investment (ROI)
A basic social media strategy can provide ROIs of 95%.   
Companies with thorough plans have seen ROIs exceeding 300%.

Once they understand WHY, they will ask the obvious question:

HOW do we create a Social Media strategy?

There are many ways to approach strategy development.  We’ve found that there are three things that a client needs to do in order to create a Social Media strategy aligned with its business objectives: Define the Brand, identify the Audience and set Goals.  


What image do we want to portray? Answering this question will help find the appropriate voice.


Who is interested in what we have to say? Identifying the audience will guide the client on what to say and how to say it.


What are the short and long term business goals? Determining what is important to the business will help decide the performance indicators to measure.
We tell clients, before posting they should ask themselves if their message reflects their brand, speaks to their audience and moves them closer to their goal.  We came up with the acronym B.A.G. as a way to help our clients remember these key elements, stay focused, and engage their customers with purpose.

A well defined Social Media Strategy can help keep prospects moving down the sales funnel when it is aligned with a website. Moving a prospect from Facebook to an optimized landing page can significantly improve the likelihood of conversion. Once all other distractions are gone,  all of their focus is on your client’s business.

Change is opportunity.

Today opportunity comes in the form of a Facebook Cover Image, but tomorrow it may be something less obvious. Any contact with a client is a chance to get an inside look at their business needs. We need to listen carefully and seize the opportunity.


 Julio is a co-founder of Thrise.com and recently provided the steps on How to start an Adobe User Group

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