Google Shopping XML feed. A BC integration "how to" and other hints from Richard Harbutt.

Richard Harbutt from discusses starting his Web career and makes a generous donation of code for your XML product feeds.

From making Tea's and coffee's and running tasks in a News Television production company to building sophisticated eCommerce web sites and online businesses, Richard has become a seasoned web veteran (and great bloke too!).

A BC partner based in the UK visiting San Francisco, I was able to drag him away from more exciting adventures to sit down and record this interview.

It's a tale of dial-up internet, custom web development and writing XML parsers.



Listen as Richard shares his story and tips for the XML Product feed:

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What I love about the Business Catalyst Partner community is the free sharing of ideas, work-arounds and best practice - and Richard is giving away the PHP code he uses to create the BC - Google Shop product feed.

Right-Click here to save the file - renaming it from .txt to .php and install on your 3rd party PHP server.

  • This script must be placed on a server which runs server side scripting and supports php - i.e. you cannot use your BC website.

  • You need to activate your XML product feed through your website admin area.

  • The XML feed from BC only updates once a day at the time of writing - it is not real time.

  • Wherever you put this file, create a directory called 'xml' this is where we cache the files - you may need to adjust its permissions.

  • You need to map your categories to Google categories. In this file they are hard_coded. Find yours here:

  • This is set up for UK pounds you will need to change the currency to match your store.

If you found Richard's code and tips useful, share a comment below.

You can also reach him at


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