Moving past the jargon onto Winning Deals - sales tips for Web Designers

Johnathan Hinshaw - ebway creative

Johnathan Hinshaw is Owner, Founder of EBWAY Creative.
A Punk Rock Digital Marketing Revolutionary, who get's inspiration from his incredible wife. Johnathan lives the creed: "Don't ever get good at something you don't like doing."

Sales - Moving past the jargon onto Winning Deals.

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Most of us are born with a natural sales ability but somewhere along the line life happens and we loose our ability to "Sell".

To be a good salesperson isn't hard.

However, being "good" at sales will not pave the road to your financial freedom.
To really win at sales will take a bit more than persistence, it will require an attitude adjustment.

With an open mind and a willing heart, anyone can be a Sales Superstar!

Think about it in terms of little kids…
A 7 year old will persist until they are given what they want. They don't worry about your reaction to their request, nor do they care if they are bothering you.

Children are the most persistent sales people on the planet.
Parents will give in to these requests sooner or later.

Children don't win every deal (using sales terminology), just like a salesperson will not win every deal.

But the key here is more than persistence, it's about that child's attitude.

Most web designers and/or developers have this negative view of sales and think about sales as ripping someone off.

Sales is about being professional. It's about becoming a "Trusted Advisor", not about "Closing the Deal" or taking advantage of someone.

And, if you're a "Trusted Advisor" - you should get paid for your knowledge and/or for your work!

The real challenge comes down to self worth, that's just the hard truth about sales.

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