Principals in life and business - Michelle Dale, Virtual Miss Friday, shares her amazing journey to success

Michelle Dale Virtual Miss Fridayl

Michelle was an inspiration to talk to.
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I don’t know many people who've left school at 16 to conquer the world, bought and sold 5 properties and had a mid-life crisis all by 23 years old.

And then gone on to start a thriving Virtual Assistance (VA) business!

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Being a constant planner, managing risk and caught in the daily grind of 9-5, she decided to book a one way ticket to Egypt and then started her business, Virtual Miss Friday.

Getting out of her comfort zone to live a freedom lifestyle of location independence, Michelle shares generously and candidly of her life experience:

Unleash Your Creativity: Becoming An Entrepreneurial Digital Nomad

How to quit your job, travel the world, have unlimited earning potential and never go back - and make it look like you're completely sane while doing it.

Have you ever felt the need to just drop everything, quit your job, sell whatever stuff you own, leave your life behind and book a one-way plane ticket to a far off destination where nobody knows you and you can finally have the chance to think about life and what you want out of it?

Some might say you're crazy, that you can't be thinking clearly.

Where will you live? What will you do for a job? When are you coming back?

All good questions.

Well, I did it, exactly how I described it above. Leaving a job in banking and finance, selling my home and cutting all ties to my life in the UK. It was the most sane thing I have ever done in my whole life up to that point, and at the age of 23 it changed everything for me. From working in a job I really didn't enjoy, to unleashing my creativity and passion. But you may be wondering what the answers were to those 3 important questions above, let me walk you through them.

Where will you live?

When I left the UK I had a one-way ticket to Egypt, and as soon as I arrived I was able to secure a flat to rent at 500LE per month, which is around $75. 2 beds, a kitchen, bathroom, living room and balcony that overlooked the streets below. As soon as I arrived there I felt an enormous sense of a weight being lifted from my shoulders. Not just from breaking the ties of my former job, and my mortgage, but from something more difficult to describe. When you have a crazy idea, you have nobody around to tell you it's insane, so you just run with it, living on instinct. If I had explained to anyone I was going to make such a dramatic career shift, own my own business and travel the world, I suspect that my dreams would have been quashed fairly promptly with all the reasons why I shouldn't do it, dismissing the reasons why I should.

What will you do for a job?

This is where my creativity really came into play. I started researching online about possible ways of making money, I discovered virtual assistance at that time but didn't have a website, so I locked myself away for a year with Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop and spent my days self teaching myself these tools for the sole purpose of building myself a website for my virtual assistant business. People were liking what I was able to produce. I was pretty terrible at drawing in school, but I seemed to have an undiscovered flair for digital art, some people refer to it as "a good eye" and that's when I realised I could introduce this skill into my virtual assistant business. So from there was born an administrative and creative business combination which had never been heard of at that time online, you could find administrators, and creative professionals, but there was never a marriage between the two, from the same source.

As soon as my company started operating I new I had found something special. A way to work from anywhere, travel, live anywhere in the world, and still earn a decent sized income and be my own boss. This was something virtually unheard of where I was from at the time. Then in 2008, I discovered an online tool that would allow me to combine my creative talents with my administrative talents to provide a complete service to business owners, anywhere in the world, bringing their entire offline business operations online. This tool was Business Catalyst, and I still use it to offer a complete front and back end solution to my global clientbase, it was like it had been built for the purpose of bringing my administrative/creative business model to life.

When are you coming back?

Actually, I'm 31 years old now, and I haven't nor do I have any plans to return back to the UK. I've lived in 6 countries in 7 years, and I am now the proud owner of a multi-6 figure International Business Corporation (IBC) who hires freelancers and sub-contractors from around the world to help me develop my company and provide other people the chance to experience the same freedom as I have. Each time I move or relocate it makes me a better entrepreneur, more creative, more passionate about what I do and why I do it, and it helps me to remember those first days of arriving in Egypt still with these 3 questions unanswered.

(Adam notes. Extra gems from the podcast:)

"The Golden Rule to Happiness"

  • Find something that is useful for others
  • It’s enjoyable personally
  • It is profitable (that doesn’t always mean financially)

Protection Vs Abundance.

Online Inspiration

Seth Godin

Gary Vaynerchuk


Virtual Miss Friday specialise in working with the functionality of Adobe Business Catalyst to transfer offline business operations and office administration, online. Providing a support solution for after a design and development team has created the website.

If you would to discuss collaborating with Michelle and her team for providing clients with administrative support, or you would like to learn more about any of the topics discussed in the interview, please contact

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