Stop pouring money down the drain - Geoff McQueen talks Time Tracking to lift your web design profits

Ouch! 23% of your profit might be going down the drain.

Years of hard work building his Web Development business, managing client projects and leaking cash through un-tracked time billing, caused Geoff McQueen, BC Partner and CEO of to solve that problem and ensure his growing business had systems in place to manage and measure all the tasks that "made money" or "cost money"

Listen as Geoff shares his story and lessons learned:

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Geoff began building a Web Development business in 2000. Painfully as it grew he found deficiencies in managing projects.

  • Always being very busy but not as profitable.
  • Decided to scratch an itch to solve his own business irritation.

    "It's only by taking that first step, getting out there, getting over the fear of failure and the issue of being a perfectionist and thinking we need to have it 100% before releasing something."

  • Without spending any more money or acquiring more customers you can increase profitability by around 23%.

  • Fixed price billing Vs time-based billing.
  • You might do fixed price projects, but your Variable costs still have to be paid.

  • How are you measuring your profitability and "how long did it really take"?
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