Tips for designers to "OutSell Yourself". My Interview with business expert and author Kelly McCormick.

Passionate about the websites you design, marketing campaigns you create, but shy at selling yourself?

Do you break into a cold sweat thinking about 'selling' your services?

Kelly McCormick from, a successful business expert who I've been following on twitter ( ) , kindly gave me her time to share some key tips to OutSell Yourself.

Listen to Kelly's advice on:
- How to quit selling! How to start a conversation plus some great questions you should ask.

- How to reduce your chances of rejection.

- Why you should sell in phases and build long-term relationship with clients.

- How to avoid "Stalker Style Follow ups".

- How to read your clients unspoken communication.

- How to find out what your unconscious body language could be telling your prospects.

- Gender bias! Selling to women versus selling to men.

Listen to the interview:

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Kelly McCormick. Outsell Yourself.

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