Tips on how to grow your web design business - Brent Weaver Interview.

Entrepreneurs' straight out of school, Brent and business partner Steve Thiel hit the ground running building websites and have learnt the do's and dont's to grow a successful business.
Brent Weaver Listen to Brent’s story and advice on:

- The importance of business partners, advisors and mentors who help your design business grow and be profitable.

- Do you know what kind of business are you in?

- Do you really know who your customer is?

Designers spend LOTS of time on the tech, learning new code techniques, but there are other key areas you need to learn.

- Advice to grow your web design business and stop the "Feast or Famine" project cycle.

Are you wearing too many hats and being distracted?
- Defining clear roles in your business.

Competition between BC partners?
- Brent talks openly about the reality of competition in the web space.

- Differentiate your design business to be a stand out.

- How to leverage the Business Catalyst partner community for project collaboration.

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Authors and Bloggers Brent reads:

- Gary Vaynerchuck

- Malcolm Gladwell

- Seth Godin

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