User Experience is your key to a healthy sales funnel - 4 fundamentals from Brett Stockley

Brett Stockley Pretty Pollution

Brett is Director / Owner of and recently launched the Pretty New York office.

Before you start spending money on marketing, what kind of User Experience is your potential customer going to have when they land on your website?

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1.       USER EXPERIENCE – Engaging the website visitor, evoking an emotion, understanding and offering the supporting information that will allow the web visitor to progress through the online sales process, guiding the customer to supporting information and then onto a lead conversion page.

2.       Capturing email leads – connecting with and communicating with EXISTING CUSTOMERS through email marketing.

3.       Capturing social leads – connecting with and communicating with a slightly wider/broader audience. Existing customers and their like-minded friends.  (" 'Like' minded friends" - I see what you did there Brett.)

4.      Driving NEW CUSTOMERS onto the website. These new customers come from SEARCH. IE Organic Google ranking / PPC campaign / Paid Facebook adverts.

If you have Steps 1-3 perfected only then should you move onto Step 4 and get bulk traffic onto your website - that's when you’ve implemented the 4 pillars of success.

Move people's emotions.

The hardest thing above to achieve is evoking emotion from a website visitor.

You can create pixel perfect, pretty web pages, but in order to evoke emotion and engage the customer you really need to know the business, it's best customers and meet their information need. 


Want more advice from Brett?
Reach out through the Pretty websites: Pretty Sydney Office and Pretty New York office.


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